++++++   2009 Dates +++++++

14 March 2009 8pm till 3am - afternoon session times to be confirmed.

The New year is well and truly upon us and the Soul Smugglers has had to find a new home - hence the delays. Luckily I had a feeling it was coming and had some other irons in the fire.

Our new and final home is The Churchill Tavern  in Ramsgate. The venue is the downstairs basement level which is both big enough and more club feeling than any previous venue we have graced.

There are B&B's along the road it is on less than a couple of minutes walk and two larger hotels within 5 minutes, so contact me if you need the details. The Churchill does good food and runs special offers on the food such as two main meals for the price of one. Although the offers may vary from month to month.

The beer is top quality - including local ales and is a realistic price. The licence is till 3am so you get more bang for your buck than you did before and the management is looking forward to welcoming us all to their venue.

Even better is the fact that we are full steam ahead for the afternoon sessions which will tie in nicely with the new venue and the restaurant deals.

This years dates are all booked and the dates will follow on all the flyers and be placed on the website in the next week or two.

DJ's for the first night will be the usual suspects of me, KevKent, John Alden and Tony (TJ) Jackson.

All the best and see you all soon, Mark SSI.